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Our girl Tay

  • Top selling digital artist in music history
  • #1 best-selling album (of any genre) in 2009
  • Youngest artist to win a GRAMMY for Album of the Year
  • Most awarded album in country music history for Fearless
  • Youngest artist to win CMA’s Entertainer of the Year
  • Billboard all-genre record for most first-week downloads for a female artist
  • Youngest artist to single-handedly write and perform a number one song (“Our Song”)
  • Most Top 20 debuts in a calendar year
  • Longest charting album of the century
  • Billboard record for largest overall airplay audience for a country-music based artist
  • Youngest to win Billboard’s Woman of the Year
  • Sold over 4 million albums in 2008, making her the top selling of the year
  • Fastest Selling Digital Album by a Female Artist for Speak Now (Guinness World Record)
  • Most Simultaneous US Hot 100 Hits by a Female Artist (Guinness World Record)
  • First artist in the history of Nielson SoundScan to have two different albums in the top 10 year end album chart.
  • First album by a female artist in country music history to log eight week at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 with Fearless
  • First artist to top the 2 million mark in paid downloads with three different songs
  • Most paid downloads in country music history with “Love Story”
  • Youngest artist to win ACM Album of the Year
  • Most number of songs on the Billboard Hot 100 in one week (9 songs; “Jump Then Fall”, “Untouchable”, “Come In With the Rain”, “The Other Side of the Door”, “Superstar”, “Forever and Always”, “You Belong With Me”, “Fifteen”, “Two Is Better Than One”)
  • Most number of debuts in one week (same week as above, six debut songs) with the five songs from the Platinum Edition of Fearless plus “Two Is Better Than One”
  • Most Top 40 singles of the past decade
  • Highest worldwide digital album sales debut in iTunes history for Red
  • Highest US digital album sales debut in iTunes history for Red
  • Highest weekly sales number in more than a decade (1.209 million copies of Red)
  • Only female ever (and only the fourth artist ever) to hit the 1-million first week sales mark more than once.
  • Most albums sold in one week at Target (Red; previously held by Speak Now.)
  • Most one-week sales for any country album ever (Red)
  • Fastest accumulation of fifty Billboard Hot 100 hits ever (six years and one month after her 2006 chart debut)
  • Biggest Australian tour by a solo female performer in twenty years (Red Tour)
  • Youngest person to win BMI Awards’ “Country Songwriter of the Year” (2009)
  • First country artist to ever win an MTV VMA Award (2009, “You Belong With Me”)
  • Youngest person to be awarded “Songwriter/Artist of the Year” by the Nashville Songwriters Association
  • First musician to be awarded “Superstar of Tomorrow” by the Young Hollywood Awards
  • Fastest Selling Single in digital history (“We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”)
  • First artist in digital history to have two songs debut with 400,000+ copies sold
  • First artist since The Beatles to have three consecutive albums log six or more weeks at #1 on Billboard’s Top 200 Chart
  • Most sold-out shows ever at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California

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taylorswift: My dad, just being himself.

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“ You know, I’m not afraid to say that love is my favorite thing to write about. I’m completely and utterly enthralled by it because there are so many different kinds of love. There’s the crazy 100 mile-an-hour kinda love where you see red flags pop up around every corner but you ignore the warning signs. I’ve written about that. There’s the love that starts out with nothing more than a hello and somebody pulling your chair out for you. I’ve written about that too. Then there’s the types of love that I haven’t written about yet, like looking at a newborn baby for the first time or watching the stars with the love of your life after 60 years together. Someday I’ll write about that, but for now I can only draw inspiration from what I’m going through which happens to be those feelings of crazy love and toxic relationships that just crash and burn. To be criticized for that? I think it’s unfair. ”

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in the middle of the night when i'm in this dream

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she’s the best 

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Taylor in New York City, 4/9/14


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AH i love this

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